LAN framework features

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LAN framework features

Postby flashman » 26 Dec 2012, 13:17

This is list of general framework features that your game will get by using it:

1. Playing in multiple tables at same time
Your game will automatically have multi table support.
Many instances of the game can be launched by the same player.
This feature has very useful when the developed game is some casino game for example (like Poker) where is crucial every professional player to be able to play on many tables.

2. "Quick seat" module
This module allows your game to have just one fast and simple "PLAY" button.
After this button is clicked the server automatically finds players to play agains and creates new table. If there are no players, the server schedules game against Robots (AI).
The number of players in the table is choosen by the server, based on how many available players are and based on how many player your game supports.
Every game type your game have will have its own "PLAY" button.
The quick seat interface is defined in the game lobby. If you develop game for yourself, you can customize this lobby or create it on your own way. See Customizing my lobby

3. Lobby individual tables
This is one of the most important framework features.
This allows players to create their own tables and join inside other player tables.
Also every table can have password and only people who know the password can join.
Creating new table one player defines what is the type of the game (if many types are supported), does it have password, what custom settings are set, how many players will be the table for..and so on..
This feature is part of the lobby, so if you develop game for yourself (not for you can customize the lobby. See Customizing my lobby

4. Broken game support
This feature enables player to restore their game after they quit previously or their internet connection stopped.
To enable this feature, one server side method must be implemented. You can see the feature enabled in TicTacToe game example

5. Game watchers support
Watcher feature enables other players to watch your game, or enables you to watch other player games.
Everybody can watch as many tables as he wants.

6. Translations support - LAN portal framework only
If you decide to develop game for portal using LAN portal framework then you can benefit using this feature and translate your game into many languages

7. Tournaments support - LAN portal framework only
If you decide to develop game for portal using LAN portal framework then your game will aumatically have tournaments support.
This means that tournament can be scheduled inside the LAN portal admin panel and people may start registering for the tournament and play when the time comes.

8. "Auto answer" timers
This feature is very very useful one. It enables you to very easy create default actions for your commands, by just implementing one interface.
For example if you are developing poker game and you want to give players 20 seconds time to think, after which if they do not do anything (call, bet, raise, ..), then you want automatically they fold - you better use this feature. You just schedult the default command answer and it will happen if the player do not act in time. You may also use it to finish the game in case the player do not play in time (if you develop chess for example).

8. Artificial Intelligence support
This is very very important feature when you want your game to support robots.
The framework provides the best place for putting just your AI code without be warried about threads, robots schedule, multi table robots and so on..
We support 3 levels of robot intelligence: easy, medium and hard, so when writing your code you should specify what levels your AI code supports.

9. Full logging support
You are going to have couple of log files, grouped by day and room.
Every table will have separate log file and there is going to be also one main log file which contains everything. Using LAN logging you can easilly find mistakes in your code and correct them.
Inside these logs you will see every command that is send from client to server and from server to clients. You are also going to see also if any exceptions occur.
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